Baldwin Eye Clinic has recently introduced laser vision correction to eliminate your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. We are particularly excited by the fact that more than 70% of our patients can now see better after the procedure than they did with their vision correction devices.

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CustomVue LASIK

Technological advances in any area are always exciting! The refractive surgery landscape has been changed forever with the arrival of CustomVue technology. Believe it or not, glasses and contacts only correct a part of your vision problem. There are other components of your blurry vision that neither these devices nor standard LASIK can correct. These other components although subtle in nature, can often cause very noticeable problems. Patients that undergo CustomVue LASIK have the potential to experience clearer vision than they’ve ever imagined because parts of their prescriptions that have never been corrected will now be eliminated!

Every eye is unique, just like a fingerprint. Using “wave front” technology, very precise information is gathered from your unique eyes. In fact, these measurements are 25 times more accurate that standard testing. This technology locates and measures the tiniest imperfections that cause your vision to be blurry. This information is computer analyzed and calculations are made to create your unique three-dimensional corneal “fingerprint”. These calculations are programmed to the laser and your individualized custom treatment is applied.

In FDA trials with VISX CustomVue, 98 percent of participants could see 20/20 or better following their recovery period. Those people who desire to have the best quality vision available or suffer from aggravating glare symptoms at night are wonderful candidates for CustomVue.

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